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The Woman Who Cleaned Up

Silvia Narbais has swept, dusted and mopped her way to a home cleaning empire in the Santa Barbara and beyond. Silvia admittedly trusted her personal expertise when she decided to branch out on her own. She had learned some of the ropes from an independent colleague who eventually turned over several local customers.

"I started cleaning houses by myself but I got busier and needed other girls." Silvia said at her office headquarters off South Kellogg. "I hired one and the added another. It got to the point I couldn't do both driving and cleaning/Thirty years ago, her husband surprised Silvia with a bright red car- that red became the company's trade mark color. Another driver and other car were soon added to the business, which the Narbais operated from their home in Santa Barbara.

In white letters, "Silvia's cleaning company," graced the fire engine paint jobs. The business revved into high gear at this point, with drivers and worker teams moving fluidly from one job to the next. The cars have been really advertising for us, I always ask how customers hear about us and many people say because of the cars.

"But In Silvia's mind, it wasn't enough to tout efficient, thorough and fast service. She tried to look at the need from the point of view of a homeowner or apartment owner. "How can I get people to call me?" she asked rhetorically. "Not because I clean well but because they want their homes really clean.

So was born the signature line "if you want to see your house really clean, call Silvia's cleaning company."
Housekeeping And Office Cleaning — Owner of Silva — Goleta, CA

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If you are in need of professional housekeeping or office cleaning, count on Silvia's Cleaning Company in Goleta, Santa Barbara and Ventura, California to provide you with fast and friendly services at unbeatable prices.

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